All In One ICO Bounty Campaign

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April 1, 2019

Bounty campaign description

All coins can be used for all games on the All-in-one site.(sports game, live game, social gambling game)

The number of this issue is 4.1 billion. (1 ALLcoin ≒ 0.000893USD)

We are planning an airdrop 100,000,000 ALLcoin.

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How to join the ALL coin Airdrop?

  1. Tokens Per Airdrop→10000ALL
  2. Team KYC→ Not completed by team yet

Step-by-Step Guide ALL coin Airdrop

  1. Verify your email & Log in to your account. (
  2. Join on Telegram.
  3. Submit your Ethereum wallet address
  4. It should be on for at least one month
  5. ALL tokens will be distributed until 1 month.

Additional ICO information.

  1. Initial Token Offering → february, 2019
  2. Blockchain Standard → ERC-20
  3. Airdrop start : March 6, 2019 ~ April 1,2019

Maximum Supply → 4,100,000,000 ALL


Steve smith, CEO

Pual Kim, COO

David Kim, Lead Developer

Road map

2019 1Q → ICO

2019 2Q → Established Singapore branch

2019 3Q → Casino agreement, Established Japan branch

2019 4Q → mainnet launch

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