Bank of Hodlers Bounty ICO Bounty Campaign

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October 31, 2019

Bounty campaign description

Bank of Hodlers is running a global bounty program to create an ecosystem where hodlers can avail credit on their digital assets by leveraging the blockchain. With each passing day, we are moving further into the spectrum of a digital economy, and we envision a world where people can earn interest, avail a line of credit and pay for things using their digital assets and currencies.

We need your help to bring this dream to fruition.

For every task you complete, we will reward you a set number of BOH tokens, which will be available to withdraw after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

1. To receive the BOH tokens, you need to first register on our platform. You can sign up here if you haven’t created an account.

2. The tokens will be distributed by the end of the campaign. We will keep you updated every week regarding the amount of tokens you will receive.

3. If we notice any fraudulent activity on the platform, or for the bounty, your tokens will be reset to zero. If this has happened to you, and you feel this shouldn’t be the case, you can contact us at

You will find the tasks required for the bounty below. You can start any task at any time. However, the completion of some tasks might require you to complete another task prior to it.

Have fun hunting and HODLing!

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