FESSChain ICO Bounty Campaign

Social media
July 29, 2019

Bounty campaign description

Total Bounty Pool will be divided as follows:

Twitter Campaign -                       8 %
Facebook Campaign -                    8 %
Telegram Campaign -                    2 %
Youtube Campaign -                      25 %
Reddit Campaign -                        4 %
Creative Contest -                         25%
Translation  Campaign -                 10%
Signature Campaign -                    5%
Linkedin Campaign -                      8%
Instagram Campaign  -                  5 %

Social media

Signature campaign

Payment: 5% of Total Bounty Pool Will be devoted to Signature Campaign Participants.

Payment will be based on weekly stakes:

Jr Member                   : 7 stakes / Week
Member                     : 15 stakes / Week
Full Member               : 30 stakes / Week
Sr Member                 : 50 stakes / Week
Hero and Legendary    : 80 stakes / Week

Other ICO Bounty campaigns

Referral campaign

Translation campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for translating the Announcement Thread of fesschain, by moderating the thread and keeping it active by posting regular updates, news or any important announcements in the localized Announcement thread. Warning: A single post dead thread is useless for the Project and will not be considered for rewards. We expect from the ANN translators to take the responsibility to moderate their threads by keeping them active with translated official announcements, news and updates regularly. If translators just post threads and leaves them with no updates, they will either see a 50% reduction in their rewards or be disqualified from the bounty campaign. There are additional Rewards for active Moderation. Payment: 10% of total Bounty Pool is dedicated to Translations and Moderations/Managements. Setting up a Local Telegram Channel for your language will fetch you 1 stake/member at the end of the Campaign. ANN Thread: 100 Stakes Litepaper+OnePager: 200 Stakes Whitepaper: 500 Stakes Languages : Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Croatian, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish Ukrainian, & Vietnamese. Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Per Day Posting the translated Announcement in local cryptocurrency forums will be rewarded with 5 - 25 stakes/ website, depending on the popularity it gains. Notice: If the announcement gets very little or no traction at all, the post will not be considered valid for stakes.

Content creation campaign