GARD ICO Bounty Campaign

Social media
June 24, 2018

Bounty campaign description

Social media

1. Head over to the bounty website: 

2. To sign up fill out your email address and press verify. 

3. A verification code has now been sent to your email address, open your email and fill out the verification code. Press ‘Join Now’ to sign up. 

4. The next step is to link your accounts: 

 a. Telegram: Go to ‘Telegram Rewards’ and join the telegram group.

 b. Twitter: Make sure to follow the @BgogoExchange twitter and link your account.

 c. Reddit: Link your account and subscribe to the subreddit. 

5. From here you can start doing tasks that earn you GARD tokens. 

 a. The first task is on Telegram. To earn a share of this pool you can add up to 10 members a day to the telegram group.

 b. The second and third task is Twitter/ Reddit. 

Everyone of your referrals that follows the official twitter and subreddit earns you a share of the reward pool.

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