Nexybit Hello Campaign ICO Bounty Campaign

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June 15, 2019

Bounty campaign description

The Nexybit Exchange rewards users, via mining, with Exchange Tokens (NXY/NXZ). Nexybit “Points” reward you for accomplishing exchange-specific tasks and social campaigns. You can accrue points by: sharing posts on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, posting on Reddit, joining the chatroom, verifying KYC (coming soon), and conducting trade-mining (coming soon). Users who have the most Points, at the end of the month will receive increasing valuable rewards.

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Social media

Signature campaign

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Nexybit says Hello. Hello to the community that serves as the backbone of the community. Hello to the users who help create the platform. Hello to fairly giving points to users who have contributed to the growth of the Nexybit platform. Nexybit is committed to sharing points to users who post on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, post on Reddit, join the chatroom, and later on instigate a trade. Grow with us.

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Content creation campaign

Users can post on the official Nexybit Thread to earn Points. Nexybit has launched an "ANN Thread" to better communicate with the Bitcointalk community. The Nexybit ANN Thread will continuously post updates, newly drafted white paper versions, and answer community questions. Nexybit is committed to Bitcointalk.