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July 30, 2019

Bounty campaign description

SWFT Blockchain is a next generation worldwide cross-chain transfer protocol. By utilizing blockchain, machine learning and big data, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies in SWFT Blockchain with just one click. SwftCoin (SWFTC) is the recommended token for facilitating transfers, utilizing SwftCoin provides users with transparent & low fees. Based in Silicon Valley, SWFT Blockchain has offices is Beijing & Tokyo, and received funding from top VCs like Draper Dragon.

Advantage Highlights

     1. Our team has successful development operation experience of cryptocurrency especially in China with more than 1 million users in past 4 years.
     2. We have experts specializing government laws, regulations, and relationship.
     3. The SWFT platform contains a cross-blockchain cryptocurrency transfer platform, and multi-cryptocurrency supporting wallet in various platforms. We use Agile Development to update our software monthly.
     4. SwftCoin is the ONLY accepted transaction fee on SWFT, and users will get more discounts by using SwftCoin.


SwftCoin, based on Ethereum, is a new decentralized blockchain asset. Following ERC-20 token standard, SwftCoin has similar function with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. SwftCoin is the only service token designated for the SWFT exchange. The SwftCoin can also be bought on many of other exchanges. SwftCoin, not only just on SWFT, but also is designated to be the transaction fee for currency exchanges and OTC Market, so we will collaborate with exchanges and OTC Markets worldwide to achieve SwftCoin implementation in future.

SwftCoin Use Case:

  1. SwftCoin is the recommended transaction fee on cross-blockchain platform, SWFT.
  2. Use as the main payment method for transaction fee on major exchanges and OTC Markets. As a major service fee on SWFT, users will get more discounts by using SwftCoin.
  3. Use as the recommended payment method for service fee. SwftCoin will be adopted by traditional financial institutions and cross-border payments companies. We provide them with cross-blockchain solution and use SwftCoin as settlement fees.

How to get SwftCoin:

  1. Blockchain transaction: Each user will have an exclusive address for initiating transactions and receiving funds on Ethereum blockchain. The process is transparent and irreversible.
  2. On Exchanges: People can buy SwftCoin on the mainstream token exchanges.

SWFT Platform

Developed and operated by the Silicon Valley team, SWFT is cross blockchain, through the APP / website / API, and a one-button operation cryptocurrency transfer platform. Built by the leading minds in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain, SWFT integrates the world’s major exchanges to effectively achieve hedge risking, providing customer with an easy and efficient platform for cryptocurrency transfer. SwftCoin will be the only accepted payment method for transaction fee on SWFT platform.

Business Objectives and Services Scenarios

    1. Individual User: SWFT is a safe and robust cryptocurrency transfer platform with low transaction fee.
    2. Commercial User: SWFT provides a set of machine learning and big data mining based transfer pairing algorithm engine for banks, corporates and exchange companies.
    3. Cryptocurrency Transfer Platform: SWFT provides standard API usage for Floor and Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading.
    4. Cryptocurrency Company: SWFT provides standard API usage for a variety of cryptocurrencies, significantly improve cryptocurrency usage scenarios.

SwftCoin Core Developers

Lan, Bo (Ramble): President of North American Blockchain Association in California, U.S.A; CEO of Guiyang Blockchain Incubator in Guizhou Province; Partner of Guiyang Blockchain Fintech Capital Fund in Guizhou Province; Chairman of Fujian Supply Chain Blockchain Association in Fujian Province, China;Founder of Goocoin Inc, the first Cryptocurrency Mobile App in Beijing, China; Ramble has been the pioneer in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2010.

Wan, Qian: Graduated from Tsinghua University and North Carolina State, he has been working in Silicon Valley in the United States for 12 years as a senior technical manager of Read-encommerce and Chief Technology Officer of GooCoin, specializing in encryption algorithm and blockchain technology.

Niu, Xingtao: Graduated from Tsinghua University, he has been served as a technical senior for 15 years. And he once worked as Chief Technology Officer in electronic business company,game company and stock exchange.

SwftCoin Roadmap


*What happened to the previous post ?
Our last post get banned due to extraordinary amount of comments. You can find our new survey here (Finished)

*Where can I receive SWFTCoin?
SWFTCoin is an ERC20 Token so you can user any supported wallet such as MEW or ImToken.
Token Symbol:SWFTC

*When can I receive the SwftCoins ?
We have sent the addresses to our airdrop team. If your address is listed below, you will receive coins now or in 24 hours. The list of addresses can be viewed here (Finished)

New Airdrop Spreadsheet:
If you have concerned about your coins, please feel free to send us personal message or contact us at info@swftcoin.com.


The SWFT Blockchain team is growing! We are constantly looking for qualified personnel to join our decentralized company. Follow us on LinkedIn or send us a reply with your resume if you're interested in learning more about the following positions:
*Product Director
*Chief Operating Officer
*Community Manager EMEA
*Content Developer

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1) If you are a new user, sign up here and get additional SWFTCoin!

2) Follow SWFT Blockchain and Cointorox


3) Sharing activity (100 SWFTC and 50 OROX)Share the following poster and text to Telegram groups and Twitter, take screenshots and send to SWFT Blockchain group (https://t.me/swfcoin) tag admin @acsd0627 (https://t.me/acsd0627) and @Ronjet_SWFTblockchain (https://t.me/Ronjet_SWFTblockchain). If approved, you will be rewarded! Valid until April 19, 2019!

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Swap any crypto to OROX and OROX to any crypto using SWFT Blockchain and get rewards! Users who have accumulated the greatest volume during the event will receive the following rewards:

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